all best holiday regards from eremite records. eremite is chuffed to see that the wire has selected joshua abrams natural information, eremite-53 in its forthcoming 2010 rewind issue as one of the best fifty records of the year in any genre.  good taste is indeed timeless yo'.  along the same lines eremite's juma sultan aboriginal music society box set is merging nicely for spring 2011 release.

meanwhile happy yule, hanukkah, christmas, kwanzaa, chinese new year, bodhi day, etc.  

"Settle your differences, put faith in the structured wilderness of ideal and heart and love and life.

Those who will change, will change, carry me over success or failure as a matter of course, as a matter of course.

The humble sinners’ donkeys awaiting the start of a loving race without end, without end, without end through the Christmas, through the cuts, through the stares, through the jokes, through the jokes, the awful jokes, cry, cry your tears and renew your strength and renew, renew your strength.

Do beggars exist in modern cities? Can you help them? Can you smile at them? Can you charge them? Do you know them? Do you care? Somebody cares. God.

I shall never stop loving even when familiar darkness breaks wondrous happiness and pulls me to my knees.

Saints pray in their own way, pray. Let your sincerity ring, while arid eccentrics laugh for joy, dancing, dancing, helping love, help love and do it, help love and do it, sister woman sister, brother man brother, child giant children, help love, love helps the glorious wonderful wilderness, of machines, of men, speaks volumes for the white clouds of divine reason.

Saints walk past the home of eternal love, eternal love. Butchers wield holy cleavers, marchers march for truth, in the sacred cinema sits the children of the past made new by the future.

God bless the nurse, the handyman, the meter-reader, the policeman, the bar keeper, all who try for truth, for truth. God bless the proud father so that he might feel the truth about himself, dig inside till it hurts, remembering that hurt hurts, God knows everything, listen, listen. His brilliance is not a shadow, a mere reflection in a pool, He who made me fashions the minutes and minds my soul for me, bless Him. Bless Him. Settle your differences, settle your differences, settle your differences, God, settle your differences, no-one knows everything, everything." kevin coyne, "wonderful wilderness"



eremite grieves the passing of one of our favorite musicians, marion brown.   like eremite marion brown lived many years in western massachusetts.  check out this piece from today's daily hampshire gazette, with comments from numerous "valley" jazz characters.  love & respect to marion brown, thanks for everything!


stuart broomer weighs in on joshua abrams natural information

abrams natural information society autumn 2010 tour
21 october: toronto, music gallery
22 october: ann arbor, elk lodge
25 october: cambridge, harvard school of design with theaster gates sermons of the city 
27 october: montreal, casa del popolo
28 october: brooklyn, issue project room with c. spencer yeh
29 october: pittsburgh,  garfield artworks

meanwhile eremite is really digging mike watt's comments upon hearing john coltrane's "welcome" in october 2010 wire magazine invisible jukebox feature. watt says "[whispering] He just seemed like a true believer.  He really believed.  & lived it.  Took the train when I was 40.  Found out where he was buried.  Train stops off there.  Madison Square Garden to Long Island Railroad.  Had to go twice.  First time I thought I would just find it.  Amongst 2000 other graves.  Next time the gardener guy told me.  I found 'em.  & i just laid there.  Laid back on him.  Face up [laughs].

I went to the Louvre.  By accident i got first in line at a gate & i got to stand in front of the Mona Lisa & after a while start takin' (sic?) away at her face, to just her eyes.  & they were John Coltrane's eyes.  He's just somebody.  He's just a dude 'n' shit.  But the music thing, there is something about it.  Not to push others away.  It's to bring everyone on.  He was...something about it.  Beyond.  It's a promise of something.  Nobody's gonna get hurt here, nobody's going to get hated.  Everyone is going to dream their most intense dream & not be scared.  Not try to push it all the fuck away.  Ya know? Of making & creating.

Coltrane's thing is about those eyes, that horn, that sound.  Just wants to make it safe for us to go crazy.  I've got a lot of interview of him talking.  He was kinda country.  North Carolina.  Real gentle with his answers.  Lotsa time he'll preface it with 'I could be wrong.'  How about that?  & ten, 12 hours of practising, like that.  This guy I played a show with, he went to the Hiroshima show & Trane's been blowing for three hours.  Guy wants to get his album signed, goes backstage & Trane's got a towel on his head, practising!  After the gig [laughs]!  Miles writes about Trane practising after a gig.  Rashied [Ali] said he'd be at the airport & pull out the flute!  He says, 'Why? He was so good.'  I could be wrong but i think i know why.  He'd get going on something & it'd lead to other things.  He'd chase them down.  So to me, there is something about it.  Music is real strong on me.  Something about it changed my life, big time, this thing with D. Boon.  This thing.  Coltrane gave it to us.  He's a big symbol in a lot of ways.  Not a boss.  I listen to him everyday, but i cannot memorise it.  My brain is a housing barracks organizing that math of the bass --liberated." 


joshua abrams natural information society plays consecutive nights in chicago, opening for bonnie 'prince' billy & cairo gang 28 september at ronny's & 29 september at lincoln hall.  more info at drag city


joshua abrams' natural information continues to receive super-positive notices in the press.  read ben ratliff's 19 september new york times "playlist" review & brian morton's review in the october issue of the wire