Peter Brötzmann & Han Bennink

In Amherst 2006

Brö Records Brö-C CD


Brötzmann alto & tenor saxophones, b-flat clarinet, tarogato
Bennink drums, piano, room

Track Listing:
  1. every man is me (10:35)
  2. I am his brother (05:49)
  3. no man is my enemy (19:15)
  4. I am everyman (13:34)
  5. & he is in & of me (05:59)
  6. this is my faith (07:09)
  7. my strength (06:03)
  8. my deepest hope & my only belief* (06:31)

09 October, 2006, Unitarian Meetinghouse, Amherst, MA
producers: Michael Ehlers & Brötzmann
engineer: The Eremite Mobile Unit 
design: Brötzmann

I am his brother

& he is in & of me

*quotation from what shall we do without us by kenneth patchen/sierra club books 1984

brö-c is available exclusively at concerts on the 2008 u.s.a. brötzmann/bennink tour, & here at while supplies last. packaged in the same heavyweight cardstock gatefold-style sleeve as earlier brö letter series c/ds, artwork by brötzmann.

 peter brötzmann/han bennink
live at the amherst unitarian meetinghouse
09 oct 2006