Jemeel Moondoc


Eremite Records MTE-01 CD


Moondoc alto saxophone
Laurence Cook
John Voigt

Track Listing:
  1. Triplet (5:48)
  2. Another One the Hard Way (14:13)
  3. Improvisation #61696 (11:34)
  4. Campbell's Soup (11:50)
  5. Ruby's Riches (11:08)

16 November 1996, PBS Studios, Westwood MA
producers: Cook, Moondoc, Voigt, Michael Ehlers
engineer: Peter Kontrimas
liner notes: Jemeel Moondoc
photography: Charles Gross


The first recording since 1985 by this prime and crazy mover of the loft era. The Moondoc trio is as catalyzing and deeply musical a group as any currently working in the so-called free jazz.

A spectacular showcase of players in love with the aesthetic and spiritual adventure of high-level improvisation.

Norman Weinstein, Boston Phoenix

Emotional, incredibly flexible, and constantly suprising.

Jerome Wilson, Option