seriously happening sets on dublab by joshua abrams natural information society (2012 west coast 'cairo gang' line-up) & by cairo gang ('natural information society' line-up).  both available as podcasts on i-tunes, search dublab.


to eremite's international customers:  as you may know the u.s. postal service has rather drastically increased its international shipping rates (see NPR story).  the cost of shipping a single CD internationally has gone from $6 to nearly $13.  the shipping settings at are adjusted to reflect the new rates however due to limitations in the paypal shipping calculator the shipping cost charged for certain multi-item combinations can be crazily inaccurate.  eremite encourages multi-item buyers to contact the label directly via the webmail form to adjust -down- (hopefully) your shipping costs.  it's most efficient if you do this after you place your order (no worries you will hear back from me).  FYI it's now way more cost effective to order two or more CDs than it is to order a single title.  big thanks for your understanding, let's not get too discouraged.


check out the joshua abrams natural information society exclusive live track at the wire magazine.  


the city of chicago department of cultural affairs & events is hosting a listening party for eremite recording artist joshua abrams album represencing tonight!  bill meyers previews it at, along with abrams 30 january concert at the hideout with a special edition of natural information society featuring hamid drake/emmett kelly/jeff parker.


joshua abrams represencing on the pitchfork staff list top fifty albums 2012.  more year-end love for represencing on the matator records matablog, stupid scientifical, KDHX & the reckless records staff best-of 2012

writes david keenan in the the 2012 rewind issue of the wire: "2012 was rich in free jazz reissues from artist-run labels, premier among which was father of origin, the jawdropping two LP/CD/book box set from eremite dedicated to the secret history of juma sultan's aboriginal music society...the music expands the standard free jazz set-up into an affirmation of get-down grassroots testifying that even the expertly mastered vinyl can hardly contain."

brötzmann/adasiewicz going all fancy on spin's 20 best avant albums 2012

happy 2012 hols from eremite.  this is later, that was when.