will hermes accents the AMS / jimi hendrix connection



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eremite's AMS set on new york times & jazztimes music critic nate chinen's best of 2011 list



big thanks to all the artists & labels for pressing on

sorry bamba  volume one 1970-1979  (thrill jockey)
bill callahan  apocalypse  (drag city)
gerald cleaver's uncle june  be it as i see It  (fresh sound new talent)
loren connors  red mars  (family vineyard)
alvin curran  solo work: the 70s  (new world)
miles davis quintet  live in europe 1967  (sony legacy)
farmers by nature  out of this world's distortions  (aum)
father's children  who's gonna save the world  (numero group)
jef gilson  jef gilson  (jazzman) 
william hooker & thomas chapin crossing points  (no business)
rev. charlie jackson  you got to move: live recordings vol 1  (50 miles of elbow room)
eyvind kang & jessika kenney  aestuarium  (ideologic organ)
joe mcphee quintet / earl bostic quartet  live at vassar 1970  (corbett vs. dempsey)
joe mcphee & michael zerang  creole gardens: a new orleans suite  (no business) 
joe mcphee & chris corsano  under a double moon  (roaratorio)
monomono  give the beggar a chance  (soundway)
other dimensions in music featuring fay victor  kaiso stories  (silkheart)
jim o'rourke & oren ambarchi  indeed  (editions mego)
willam parker  conversations  (rogue art) 
william parker  crumbling in the shadows is fraulein miller's stale cake  (centering)
theo parrish uget  (ugly edits)
sao paulo underground  tres cabecas loucuras  (cuneiform)
brian settles  secret handshake  (engine)
kathy sloane keystone korner: portrait of a jazz club  (indiana university press)
warren smith  dragon dave meets prince black knight from the darkside of the moon  (porter)
lobi traoré   raw electric blues from bamako  (kanaga systems krush)
v/a bambara mystic soul raw sound of burkina faso 1974-1979  (anaolog africa)
v/a  opika pende: africa at 78 rpm  (dust to digital)
yob  atma  (profound lore)


stuart broomer gets way into eremite's AMS set in the new issue of pointofdeparture.  "The Aboriginal Music Society belongs to an incendiary time when the boundaries between musics were temporarily falling, and the possibilities of new relationships seemed to exist everywhere. In Sultan’s avowedly social program for recording and disseminating music, there’s also an insistence on the relationships between musical and social structures and the ways they might reflect and affect one another. The special beauty of this set is the way in which it seeks to memorialize that vision."

the 100 copies of the AMS set that include the bonus promo-only 7" of 'dubbed' AMS by joshua abrams are sold out.  copies of the promo single only may still be available for you true radio raheem's out there, give me 20 D energizers!