best summer regards from eremite.  eremite is thrilled to be working with living legend juma sultan on a project devoted to the music & history of his band aboriginal music society.  dating from the late '60s --when juma played in jimmy hendrix's gypsy sun & rainbows--  & early '70s, the recordings feature (among others) frank lowe, abdul wadud, julius hemphill, philip wilson, gene dinwiddie, earl cross, ralph walsh, ali abuwi & rod hicks. the material is drawn from midnight concerts at tinker street cinema in woodstock, studio sessions, & new york city lofts.  organizing strong solo voices & dense collective improvisation around the elemental, downright spooky grooves emanating from the percussion section of sultan, abuwi & wilson, AMS achieved something truly unique & heavy, a supremely zoned & incantatory form of "spiritual" jazz.   the music will be presented in a two album, one c/d set with a fat book of ephemera & texts.   rather incredibly these will be the first AMS recordings ever released.  check out the vibe here: juma sultan aboriginal music society

meanwhile eremite eagerly awaits the 07 september release of joshua abrams seriously fantastic natural information l/p, see here for details & pre-order info joshua abrams natural information

finally, for now, wolfgang's vault has been posting some stupendous shit from various editions of the newport jazz festival, including 1964 concerts by george russell (with john gilmore) & max roach & the late abbey lincoln...  & today, no way!, the 03 july 1969 set by sunny murray's septet!? great performances & sound quality, unfortunately wolfgang's vault fades out "flower trane." in any case you can stream it free here: sunny at newport


Brötzmann / Drake Live in NYC

video of the April 18, 2010 Peter Brötzmann / Hamid Drake duo concert at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center's SEA Theater in NYC:

peter brötzmann/hamid drake
live at the SEA Theater, NYC

april 18 2010 (part one)
peter brötzmann/hamid drake
live at the SEA Theater, NYC

april 18 2010 (part two)



thanks for your interest in eremite records.  mail order operations have resumed.  buy the new tour-only brö release, brö-d, here at while supplies last, or from brötzmann & drake during their 2010 u.s.a. tour.  packaged in the same recycled heavyweight cardstock gatefold-style sleeve as earlier brö letter series c/ds, this time with hand pulled screen printed covers by our friend alan sherry/siwa records.  numbered edition of 525 copies.   best  2010 regards, eremite records