stuart broomer's feature on joshua abrams natural information society for the fall 2015 issue of musicworks magazine is available to read online. "Natural Information Society is a group with a mission—a singular emphasis on the human and the humane in music in the midst of a galloping digitized industry. Its work resonates with Moroccan Gnawa music, the rhythmic minimalism of Steve Reich, the modal improvisations of John Coltrane and Terry Riley, the early cross-cultural jam of Don Cherry’s Brown Rice, Anthony Braxton’s pan-cultural Ghost Trance Music and shifting echoes of Roger McGuinn’s clanging Rickenbacker and Allen Ginsberg’s harmonium."


some good news for our friends in europe: glitterbeat records (germany) will release the joshua abrams & NIS simultonality album on its new imprint tak:til in the CD & the LP formats. sales to europe of eremite's metallic ink screenprinted edition (825 copies) will be capped at fifty copies. 




brian morton reviews slight freedom in the february issue of the wire. "a terrific record from a guy who plays the enigmatic backstop even when out on his own." read the complete review & order the vinyl here