needless to say, things have been a bit askew in 2016, in & beyond the eremite realm, but the music never stops. here are 30 recordings (incldg a couple music-related books) --listed alphabetically by imprint!-- that provided merciful distraction from grim events, & remind me why we all slog forward on the road of music & song. props to all the musicians & labels for pressing on. brighter moments to all, somehow, in 2017.

hartmut geerken & chris trent  omniverse sun ra  (art yard)

jackson c. frank  the complete recordings  (badabing)

william parker / lisa sokolov / cooper-moore  stan’s hat flapping in the wind  (centering)

jim o’rourke  simple songs  (drag city)

bunny wailer  solomonic singles 1: tread along 1969-1976  (dub store)

bunny wailer  solomonic singles 2: rise & shine 1977-1986  (dub store)

sons of negus churchical host  a psalm of praises to the most high 1967-1972  (dub store)

oren ambarchi  hubris  (editions mego)

sacred flute music from new guinea madang / windim mambu  (editions mego)

ras michael & the sons & daughters of negus  promised land sounds rockin live ruff n tuff  (honest jons/dugout)

dawn of the double  (in the red)

rob mazurek & emmett kelly  alien flower sutra  (international anthem)

jeff parker  the new breed  (international anthem)

a new life: private independent & youth jazz in great britan 1966-1990  (jazzman)

james tatum  contemporary jazz mass  (jazzman)

mor thiam  dino safarrar drums of fire  (jazzman)

battle trance  blade of love  (new amsterdam)

the music of peter kuhn: no coming, no going  (no business)

express rising  fixed rope  (no label)

chris forsyth  the rarity of experience  (no quarter)

doug paisley  strong feelings  (no quarter)

world’s experience orchestra  the beginning of a new birth  (now again reserve)

neil young  & bluenote cafe  (nyaps)

larry young  in paris: the ortf recordings  (resonance)

grateful dead  shrine exposition hall LA 11/10/67  (rhino)

rob mazurek & jeff parker  some jellyfish live forever  (rogue art)

glenn philips  lost at sea  (shagrat / feeding tube / snowstar)

van morrison  it’s too late to stop now volumes II III IV  (sony legacy)

brøtzmann  graphic works 1959-2016  (wolke)


a pleasure to reconnect with the great drummer chris corsano. in another lifetime chris & i set up & broke down folding chairs together at amherst unitarian meetinghouse concerts. magic days. thanks to abby drake for the photo.



It’s not jazz, it’s not ambient, it’s not noise; it’s something more idiosyncratic and more personal, something only Parker could have come up with.

slight freedom rated 8.0 by pitchfork. read philip sherburne's review here, & put your money where the music is. 



what an honor to have jeff parker's slight freedom listed in today's new york times best albums of 2016 by nate chinen. honored to split the pick with JP's other beautiful 2016 album the new breed (international anthem). congratulations jeff!



jeff parker's slight freedom gets 4.5 stars in january 2017 downbeat. read bill meyer's review & order the vinyl here. digital slight freedom on itunes

slight freedom on john mulvey's 'favourite albums 2016' at uncut